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Opening of my penis(peehole and 0.5cm radius) painful, uncomfortable

Hello ,
I have been going through this problem for more than a month now, and I do know the exact cause.

In 10th of May,2018 I had unprotected oral sex with a woman(insertive,which means she performed oral on my penis) ,after that we had protected sex,but it was a bit vigorious.After the sex , I washed my penis with an antibacterial soap(maybe it was too strong, as it was for hands) and slightly rubbed it, to make sure it was clean.Then after that , just to be sure that I killed all the bacteria, I washed my penis with my own pee(as I heard this helps to cleanse it).

Then after 2-3 days I felt the urge to pee frequently,not because I had to pee, but because my underwear was feeling uncomfortable and causes slight pain(as if it sandpaper) in the opening of my penis.Also, it felt as if my testicle area was literally burning and hot to touch.However, the burning sensation disappeared very soon(lasted a day or two).

After 10 days, I had checked for STDs via blood test and urine test.Everything came back negative.After 40 days, just to be sure I had checked for urine test again ,everything negative.Waiting for swab test results.

It was gone for a week , but for almost 3 weeks now , again, the opening of my penis hurts when I walk as it rubs to my underwear and it looks little bit reddish,but almost unnoticeable.The pain is very low(1 out of 10 to describe), its just annoying and causes anxiety.No pain while urinating, but sometimes when I ejaculate, my semen burns the opening(again, very little pain).

Don't know what could be the cause , or how to get rid of that.Tried to stop masturbating for 10 days, didn't seem to clear the symptoms.

Then a few days ago I had an outbreak in my lip.Went to doctor and he told me it is not herpes , but just something that is usually seen in children.Prescribed a creme for that.Could it be something related to my penis condition?

This drives me crazy, and even more pissed off because doctors can't put a diagnosis.Heard it could be prostatitis or urethritis.Would urine test detect them?
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