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Please help!!

I have suffered symptoms of utis for nearly 5 years with negative infection results. I started off on a course of antibiotics when i had symptoms, then one antibiotic a night then to take an antibiotic when i felt the symptoms. I was then given an opetation to widen the tubes of my bladder as they kepy re acurring. This worked for around 6 months then i started getting them again. I have tried EVERYTHING. Drinking plenty water, peeing before and after sex, wash using only water, cranberry capsules, d mannose, a herbal pill called cysticlean and then uva ursi, i eat healthy stay away from caffeine etc and ive tried two types of medication for an over active bladder as the doctor thought it could be that. Ive had ultrasounds, tests to measure the floe of my urine and everything you can think of but for the past 5 weeks i have been in so much pain, ive had blood in my urine im getting up 6 or 7 times to pee during the night, half the time i dont need to pee anything and it is so sore i could cry it burns alot and im struggling with the urgency. Im 21 and keep fit and healthy and im at a loss. Can someone please help me with suggestions? Thanks in advance
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