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Possible Urinary Tract Infection (maybe bladder stones or urethritis)

Hi all,

I am a 24 year old, sexually active male. About a week ago I started experiencing some discomfort/pain while urinating and some minor irritation at other times at the tip of my penis and the beginning of my urethra. While urinating the discomfort/pain (which is a stinging pain mostly) usually occurs when I begin to urinate and when my urine stream is coming to an end. In addition to the pain, I feel like I have to go pee quite often, even when it turns out I did not have much urine to excrete. Also, on a couple occasions over the past week, I have noticed small amounts of blood in the toilet after I have finished urinating, and my urine has a slight cloudiness to it. If it is relevant at all (in case of possible kidney infection or something), I have had what I believe to be a minor sinus infection for quite some time that I have left untreated. I have been drinking plenty of water and added cranberry juice into my diet to see whether I could clear this up myself. No luck so far. I appreciate any responses. Thank you.
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How are you? Do you still have the symptoms you mentioned? It is indeed possible to have an infection and we can confirm this with urine tests. Urinary tract infection may present with urinary urgency and frequency, or pain while urination. Management of  UTI is usually with antibiotic treatment. If  a diagnosis had been made, it is important that you start treatment right away to prevent complications. Take care and do keep us posted.
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ok man so i have the same thing you do and i went to the doc today and a uti he said its not its most likly that you have an std and the pain can come and go but if i was you i would go get tested thats the best thing cuz if you have an std you are passing it around and thats not good
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