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Reverse Kegels causing chronic UTI ?

I am a 25 year old male and this problem started a few months back when I tried to cure my ejaculation and weak stream by using reverse kegels because I "assumed" it could be due to tight pelvic muscles . So I think I did something very wrong and in a few days got a bad uti. I did not tell about the reverse kegels part to the doctor but he said it could be urethritis. The routine showed pus cells  at 6-8 but the culture showed no bacteria. So the doctor dis not know what to prescribe and he just told me to drink water and gave some antibiotics and said everything will be ok . After 2 weeks pus cells came down to 2-4 and things were better but I still had pain at the tip of penis while ejaculation and in concentrated urine .
The doctor told me that I am assuming too much and that it was psychological in nature which annoyed me a bit so I decided to just drink water and hoped everything would be fine . Things were ok for about 2 weeks after which I again started getting burning ejaculation and pain in concentrated urine .
I decided to go to a another doctor after about 4-5 months and my routine now shows 2-3 pus cells . Ultrasound of kidney and bladder was clear  and the doctors thinks it could be a chronic uti .
So could doing reverse kegels cause a uti ?? I have yet to do a culture and uro flow test but I am really confused about this . Please advise .
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