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Sick of being told i got MIXED GROWTH!!!!

Everytime my urine gets set to lab for testing it keeps coming back as mixed growth.. over 7 samples have all come back the same over many months. i mean come on they keep asking for it to be repeated so why havent they found out what it is yet.. now i know this is too much information but its got to a point now that no matter how much i wash i still cant get rid of the odour down below and its getting quite depressing. what does this mix growth mean? please somebody help..
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Hi there!

Mixed growth could mean more than a single organism causing infection or the sample being contaminated by bacteria that normally occur as commensals over the skin and mucous membranes. For a definite evaluation a clean catch sample is best suitable which may require medical assistance. I would suggest discussing the situation and the management plan in detail with your treating doctor.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
So many results told by doctor and they keep wanted samples. One came back as unknown, the next was maybe E. Coli, then they started with mixed growth, now it is heavy mixed growth.

I was under the impression it could be more than one infection. Why does the lab not send sample to a proper centre that would find out exactly what it could be.

All these excuses saying it might be not a clean sample or not mid stream are getting out of hand and all they keep saying is do another sample.

But not one doctor will see the patient, or tell her how to do a proper sample if they are implying she is not doing it right.
What is wrong with the doctors these days?
In my day we went out to patients, we did not have these lazy doctors sitting on their fat rear ends getting a fat paycheck.
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