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UTI/Kidney Infection?


I am due to have a cystoscopy but would like some opinions on what may be causing these symptoms. My symptoms are: painful burning/stinging urination, bloated feeling (gets better when the bladder is emptied), lower left flank pain which sometimes happens on the right and lower back pain. It's also hard to pass stool sometimes, although this isn't persistant. I have been to a Dr today and there was no obvious sign of an infection but I have been prescribed Trimethoprim for 1 week. What's going on? Any help is appreciated.
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Hi there,
I can confirm the exact cause of your symptoms only after a complete medical history, clinical examination and tests. The common causes of painful urination are urinary tract infection; cystitis, urethritis, kidney stones, sexually transmitted diseases and prostatitis.These are few possibilities. I will advise you to undergo all tests as advised by your doctor. An ultrasound of the urinary system may be helpful. Do write to me again with more details and test results.
Best luck and take care!
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Whilst I am waiting for my cystoscopy I have had the results of the MSU which show no white blood cells or bacteria growth. I do however still have the problem with dysuria, my question is what would a diagnosis of no white cells or bacteria usually indicate for a male patient?

Many Thanks
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