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UTI PAIN won't go away even after antibiotics, what should I do?

I am a female
I've had the UTI for about 8-9 days now.
I completed my antibiotic course.
I've tried pretty much any and every natural remedy.
I'm drinking a LOT of water.
and YET!!!!!!!
It doesn't burn when I go to pee, however, when I urinate I feel like I haven't fully emptied out my bladder, and what is really bothering me is the PAIN. Not burning, but literally just pain and discomfort, it hurts a lot and i feel like i need to continuously press on the area where i pee out of so I can stop feeling the pain.
I really don't know how to get rid of it!
please help.
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I am currently going through a really similar thing. But mine has been going on like a month! Did it resolve for you? There is no evidence of any infection left in any of my tests so doctor has referred me to gynae. Says I could be really irritated still. Did it resolve for you?! I’m desperate!! (Hence the Googling to see if anyone has had a similar experience)!
I had a uni over a week ago and was given 3days of antibiotics, did work but was still left with some symptoms, last two urine test were clear. After having a unt your bladder sometimes becomes very irritated so may leave you with some symptoms. just drink plenty of water and don't hold off going to the bathroom.
I meant to say UTI not uni lol
Hi Emma! Thank you. Unfortunately after my UTI my symptoms went on for another two months! (Not the burning but some of the others). Because of this I had a Cystoscopy to check everything was normal & it was all normal apart from I had some glomuleraitions on my bladder wall? Which I think means it’s been really irritated!!! So I have a follow up in 3 months. Potentially IC? How long has your irritation gone on for before? Weeks or months?
i have the same thing, no infections, no nothing, just burning fullness and pain, also i have a swollen urethra and red spot on side of it. hang in there gang one day we will be better, mine has been three months, but im a fighter. trying mono stat  and probiotics now, good luck
How did yours start? X
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