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UTI/Staph Infection? Deadly?

I fear that I'm suffering from a staph infection.  I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend for the first time and a day later she gets a UTI and  Bladder infection.  She has never had one until now.  She was prescribed antibiotics and given a shot, then a week or two later her symptoms continue.  She went back in for more tests and she was given a new antibiotic and given another shot.  The test came back and it says she has staph in her urine.  I feel like I am responsible and every time she is cleared up, me having unprotected sex with her brings it back.  On my chest I have had pimple like bumps dating back a few years.  Could this be staph?  Could I have gotten staph from living on that boat?  I read that MRSA Bacterium can be caused by living near water on the west coast.  I lived on that moldy boat 2 months and now I continue to live on a new boat.  I have been experiencing chest pains for some time now on the left side of my chest.  Could I have blood poisoning?  From what I understand staph enters through your nostril.  Could breathing that moldy boat have caused a deadly disease?  
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