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UTI Symptoms but Not a UTI, Not a STD, then what is it?

Hello, I'm a healthy 22 year old female with no history of STI/STDs. Twice recently, however, after intercourse I obtained what I thought to be a UTI. Bladder/lower abdominal discomfort, frequent urges to urinate (but often unable to actually to do so, or very little would come out), burning at the opening of the urethra when peeing, etc. I have had UTIs before, so I figured this was what it was, and went to my doctor for antibiotics. However, I was told that there was no sign of any bacteria in my urine sample, even after culturing it (along with no STDs, no pregnancy, and all those other commonly assumed causes when a 22 year old sexually active female is involved in just about anything in the medical community). They gave me antibiotics anyway, since i was in extreme discomfort, along with some pill resembling AZO (over the counter bladder numb-er). I took the full course, but the discomfort did not go away for another week or so. When I tried to have sex again, nearly a month later, this happened all over again. I've never experienced anything like this before, and I'm really at quite a loss. It's upsetting and certainly disrupts and affects my quality of life. What could this possibly be?
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Hello, I'm not sure if this advice will help. It's more of a theory that I have.
I suffered really badly with similar symptoms to yours about 10yrs ago. They got so bad that it was excrutiatingly painful to pee and at times I would pass blood and other times have the urge to pee but only a dribble would come out. My husband and I were very sexually active and worked out that it always happened after my husband had oral sex with me. He improved his oral hygiene by regular flossing and swilling with an antibacterial mouthwash, we abstained from oral for a while and hey presto it cleared up and I haven't had any problems since.
I hope this helps you. I don't know if any urologists have come up with this theory or if noone has ever considered it but I'm convinced now that poor oral hygiene is a contributing factor to UTI type symptoms.
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It is very likely that you have chronic cystitis which is a chronic low level UTI that does now always show on standard UA, since it basically is a low level bacteria that live in
your bladder wall etc.

You may also have Interstitial Cystitis.  The symptoms of these are the same and only a good urologist with time can help determine which maybe causing your symptoms both have increased symptoms after intercourse.   It helps to ask to make sure the doctor you are going to is familiar with Interstitial Cystitis as well as asking if they treat complicated chronic cystitis.  Chronic Cystitis can be cured in time with long term antibiotic treatment that will keep you on a low dose antibiotic.  Do your symptoms improve or disappear when you are on antibiotics? It may take trying different ones since they can also be resistant to what you are taken.  Standard cultures are designed to find acute not chronic infections!

There is no cure for IC however there are many treatments that help control the IC symptoms.  I have IC and am an IC support group leader Our support group is set up mainly to network patients and medical practitioners throughout Missouri and Arkansas, but I have tried to put a lot of articles on the board to help any patient as well. Our group is MOARK IC.

Either way your having bladder pain right now, and need help!
The first step like I said is to find a good urologist that treats both of the things listed above.

Also the Elmeron website has a questionarie that test you the likelihood that you might have IC.  Now keep in mind again they symptoms are the same but taking this questionarie to your physician can help him in the diagnosis process.  It basically lets them know they need to consider IC.

There are several great sites/organizations that can help you learn more about IC
and the self help and info can help control your symptoms while you are getting treatment if it is chronic cystitis as well.

You can pm me for the links and information on these if you would like them!

Now in the meantime... here are some self help things you can try to get you through,  get a water bottle with spray top and rinse yourself off every time you go to the bathroom... you can put a little baking soda in it as well since it is soothing.

You can use the AZO The is another one on the market called Cystex too.  Check with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure these are OK for you to try. Ice sometimes also feels really good and sometimes heat, but not too hot to increase inflammation.  Soaking a warm not too hot bath, with baking soda in the water helps a lot too.  I know when I was first diagnoised or in the process I spent a lot of time in tub... not that easy with 3 that close in age but they are also not babies any more either and can understand mom is not feeling well!  

I also found a natural herb that helped my pain issues, it is called Nerveblend Sp-14 by Solaray.  Meadow brook carries it here in town, I just pain I think $7 for 100 capsules.  This helps me rest etc.  Discuss with your doctor any medication even herbal you try to make sure they do not interact with your other medications.

Also drink water to keep things diluted!  Many also take either baking soda in water 1 tsp I think, ( make sure it is OK if you are on heart meds etc.)  I capsulized it myself and take it when my urine is real acidic  The other thing you can take is called Prelief.  It is over the counter.. as well and somehow helps to make your foods less acidic too

Diet is a big thing and avoiding acids foods as well as preservatives is important. The bladder is irritated and needs time to heal.  There are several good articles on the websites above on diet that will help a lot..

Hope this helps!


which articles are for diet ? the same issue
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I am sorry to say that we share similar symptoms almost to the tee. I have ben diagnosed with IC, vulvodynia, etc. Nothing seemed to help except antibiotics and those until I had sex again. Unfortunately, I started to have these problems 3 years ago and my symptoms have improved but not disappeared. I now have sex with condoms, which helps substantially. I also try to drink enormous amounts of water. I now use Dreft or any detergent designed for baby's. I hope you find relief and I hope info this might help.
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I am having the exact same problem. I had a yeast infection, which is normal.. I was taking antibiotics at the time and the doctor said that can cause them. So I used monistat and it cleared up. I then had sex, and now I feel like I have to pee ALL the time. Even when there is nothing to let out. I knew it wasn't a UTI because I've had several in the past but the doctor insisted on taking the test. It was negative. I also have a bit of discharge but a normal amount I've always had. So he assumes it's a yeast infection again. He gave me a pill for it because I told him I really didn't like using the monistat. I still have to pee. I knew it wasn't a yeast infection and everytime I go to the doctor, I'm just told it's something (that it isn't) and sent on my way. I'm reallly sick of it!
I don't know what to do, I barely get any sleep, I lie there thinking I have to pee the whole time. And there is pressure as well.

What should I do? How do I get a doctor to consider this as something more? Does this also sound like a Chronic Cystits? and are there any home remedies I can do until I have something to help me?
Please help!!
Just reading this gets me teary eyed because this is exactly how i feel I'm really frustrated with the doctors .
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I have the same problems. I get it right after I have sex and it last anywhere from a day to a week. It's not really painful but its just extremely uncompfortable to feel like you constantly have to go pee. Ive done research but i havent gone to the doctor but i used to have this problem when i first started having sex and i had it for atleast six months every single time i would have sex. then out of nowhere it just went away and i didnt get the symptoms anymore, but now recently it came back with is a complete bummer because i would always get worried when i went to the bathroom if i would have that feeling and bam it just came back. if anyone has info please tell me because i'd like to think it's all in my head and its not really there but it seems like a lot of people have this problem.  i just want to know what exactly it is and how i can prevent and fix it:(
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This is exactly what is happening to me right now . The last time I had sex was about 2 weeks ago and for about the last week I've had the constant urge to pee after I urinate. I dread going to the bathroom because I'm afraid the sensation will start up again. It's seriously driving me insane. It makese anxious and hot. I really don't know how much more of this I can take.
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Did you test for herpes?
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There's something called honeymoon cystitis, also known as honeymoon urethritis, which develops after you have sex with your partner and his "appendage" is dirty. It usually occurs after sex for awhile then disappears until the next time you have intercourse. The bacteria from fingers or genitalia can set off honeymoon cystitis. A popular "cure" for this has been cranberry juice because the naturally occurring sugar calling D-Mannose, which smooths the lining of the bladder and urethra, making it more difficult for the bacteria to cling to the lining.

To prevent honeymoon cystitis, urinate after intercourse to clear the urethra of foreign bacteria. It is also helpful to make sure good hygiene is maintained by each partner.

Although this may not be the proper "diagnosis", it wouldn't hurt to try unless you have interstitial cystitis (which is a different matter, but I highly doubt you have, since it seems that intercourse sets off your bladder).
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I get this problem a lot especially after my gall bladder was removed. Make sure that your not constipated in anyway, drink lots of fluids and cranberry juice. Get a liquid supplement of milk thistle. It detoxes the liver and kidneys and I have had great relief from taking it. It helps me to go to the toilet care free and not having to wait ages for the feeling to go. I swear by milk thistle. Also remember if your taking strong pain killers like diclofenac, diazapam, pethamine etc this can have an effect on your urinary system as the body is being told to ignore pains etc.  
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Ok, I'm a 17 year old girl, yes I'm sexaully active but I just got out of 1 and 9 month relationship, I haven't had sex or done anything sexuall in the last 3 weeks, I also went to doctors and was treated for std, they told me the shot I recived that it will cure any std I may have and even a bladder infection, I have these same problems, what should I do.
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I had these symptoms and got tested for Ureaplasma. I was positive. Took the arithromyacin/doxycycline and was pain free for over a year. When it came back, went back to the doctor, got another round and have been fine ever since. I always thought it was a UTI and when it was negative, I got no help from doctors. It was my universities health center that brought it to my attention.
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I had these symptoms and got tested for Ureaplasma. I was positive. Took the arithromyacin/doxycycline and was pain free for over a year. When it came back, went back to the doctor, got another round and have been fine ever since. I always thought it was a UTI and when it was negative, I got no help from doctors. It was my universities health center that brought it to my attention.
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Same problem for 5 months. Finally found a doctor who thought it might be a bacteria imbalance (too many antibiotics for UTIs). Take Acidophilus probiotic. You're welcome.
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I had the same symptoms specially after intercourse, after many many years of pain, visiting doctors antibiotics etc I found the solution myself, first of all after intercourse wash yourself very well you need to do that so you avoid the infection but if happens squeeze a fresh lemon in to a glass of water and drink it THAT was THE ONLY way to get rid of it very fast I suffer from urine infections from the age of 3..for 30 years nobody gave me a solution but the LEMON saved me!!! (if the pain continues repeat the lemon/water during the day you will see a HUGE difference also drink it as a precaution will clean your urethra)
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I think the ultimate cure for your problem will be some natural treatment because I think you are suffering with UTI and only natural treatment will help you to get permanent relief from your problem.
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Hello! I was just wondering if you ever found a solution for this? I have what it sound s the EXACT problem you described and it's unbelievable frustrating to the point of tears. Any help you could recommend would be amazing!
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you probably have pelvic floor dysfunction- your pelvic floor muscles (which surround your bladder) may be tightening around your bladder and making you feel a sense of urgency. the tightness can be brought on by sexual intercourse, a UTI or even regular stress. go to a doctor who specializes in pelvic floor pain- i had the same thing and kept getting negative UTI tests until i was diagnosed. the treatment is oatmeal baths after sex, some muscle relaxers and some yoga moves for pelvic floor relaxation.

hope this helps!
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I was thrown into early menopause after chemo and started getting UTIs after sex no matter how clean and careful my husband and I were.  My Ob/Gyn gave me a Rx of antibiotics and told me to take 1 pill immediately after each time we have sex. Works like a charm.  No more UTIs. Now I started seeing a Uro-gyn bc I feel like I have a UTI but I don't.  No clear diagnosis yet.  
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Hi, everyone. Like most of you, I've had a history of chronic UTI's, bladder infections, and kidney infections. I could go on to talk about the tumor they found in my bladder that was causing a blockage, but unless you're urine is the color of cherry cider, you shouldn't worry about that.

What I wanted to share was an old, super effective, natural remedy that my mother, grandmother, on down the line have used. CORN SILK TEA

You can save the cornsilk from the ears of corn you husk and set them out to dry flat on a paper towel. Start collecting it and build up  a good stash. (Or, if you have an herb shop in town, it's totally cheap to purchase. You can also get it in capsule form)

Cornsilk is exceptionally high in potassium and has the brilliant characteristic of grabbing and flushing out bacteria, mucus build up, and gunk. It tastes delicious with honey, and is warm and soothing when you feel sick and horrible.

I use about a 1/4 cup (fat pinch) of cornsilk in 4 cups filtered water and set to boil. A similar herb that you can add in for some extra antioxidant punch is cilantro. just add a sprig or two and boil the crap out of it. I use a cup sized strainer and just pour directly into a mug. Slap the cornsilk back into the pan and let it sit. I add  more water to this same brew a few more times bringing it back to a rolling boil, until my last cup of tea is a very light amber. By doing this I ensure i'm getting every nanogram of those nutrients, but that I'm also getting nice and hydrated in the process.

This tea is great as a daily/nightly preventative, or in high concentration at the onset of a UTI. It will cure you once for sure. After that, those bacteria aren't as easy to get rid of. However, if you maintain good urinary tract health, you should be fine for a very long time.

Supplementing with probiotics also helps for daily care and maintenance for long term health.

There are also some great natural supplements that I have found to be very useful and effective, like a combo cranberry, ursa urvi, cornsilk capsule.

Have any of you heard of, or tried D-Mannose? This is a wonderful discovery I made a few years ago. Very effective for flushing and ridding the body of bacteria and toxins. Look it up!

Oh, and eliminate ibuprophen from your medicine cabinet. It's really harsh on your kidneys and urinary tract. It's no bueno.

And remember, if a doctor tells you it's not an infection and you know darn well what an infection feels like, smells like, and looks like, go to a different doctor.

Make sure they do a culture and test for antibiotic resistant strains. Ask for a copy of the lab results.

Lastly, **Ask to be checked for BV.** BV Infections feels practically identical. And if that's the case, then you didn't have to wait 10 days in discomfort to find out the UTI antibiotics didn't work. There's an Rx that can handle both of those strains at once.

For first class care and treatment, tell your doctor to be sure to include a  couple Rx's for Diflucan so you don't have to come back in two weeks complaining of a yeast infection.

Live long and prosper!
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Hello, i have had sex in January of this year, after doing so two weeks later i had symptoms of UTI. I went to the doc several times about it and nuthin help. I finally decided to get an urine test done and a culture. They came back negative. I was tested for STDs and they came bk negative as well. I was tested positive for strep Group B, got medication and the problem still remains. The doc sid i would get yeast from the strep medication that could cause the uti aswell. Could soeone please help me because i am confused and i am very miserable and i dont wanna life in this misery anymore.
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This is a common prob for me although it's been a year since my last episode until last week just looking for some home remedies that work
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I have been having much of the same pain for almost 2 months now.  I have not had sex in over a month, but still have the pains.  I tried flushing with cranberry juice and water.  I went to a walk in clinic for antibiotics for UTI, my general doc (who sent me for an ultra sound), a urologist (who sent me for xrays) and my gynocologist (who sent me for a transvaginal ultrasound and did a hysteroscopy).  Everything looks "beautiful" but hurts like hell on and off throughout the day.  I feel it hurts the worst in the evenings.  Did anyone that has written here find a diagnosis, cause, and/or cure?? HELP!!
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I am having the exact same thing as we speak at this very moment has been going on for 6 weeks on and off have gone to the doctor and have gotten so many antibiotics does not burn when I go just pressure and pain ready to scream I have no idea what it is the azo test I buy in the store comes up positive for an infection
This is exactly how I feel its awful.
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I am about to embark on all the same tests that you are going through because I don't know what else to do mine is worse at night as well
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