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UTI is taking over my life

hi im a 15 year old female in high school, I have a bladder infection that keeps coming back and i went to the doctors and he said he wouldnt be surprised if i had to take antibiotics for the rest of my life because I have a horseshoe kidney. The problem is that when i go to school i get really nervous because im scared that ill wet my pants (sounds stupid I know) because the teachers especially my algebra teacher wont let me go to the restroom because he only lets us have 6 bathroom passes per semester and i already used up all of mine. Towards the end of the class i start feeling like i cant hold it that im going to burst and i feel like im gonna cry but i dont wanna tell anyone at school that i have a bladder infection because its kinda personal but if i dont tell the teachers one day i feel like im gonna wet my pants. Also finals are coming and i dont know if ill be able to hold t in for 2 hours during classes im so scared of wetting myself and the humiliation that would come with it i also have this pounding/burning sensation its inflammation but i dont know how tomake it go away. please help me i would really appreciate it. should i tell my teachers i have bladder problems so theyll let me go to the restroom during finals? its so embarrassing for me since im a timid shy person that gets scared easily i feel like im gonna die. Do you guys know ofanything i could take for the inflammation? for the anxiety?
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Cranberries are a natural anti-inflammatory which is one of the reasons they are so popular for UTIs. I think tablets work best, with d-mannose supplements as well. Yoga might help for the anxiety.
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