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UTI or Something else

45 days ago I started to facing the problem of frequent urine (but no pain,no burning, no blood).
My Dr. Said its an UTI.After 4-5 Days in treatment I feel pain in penis on slight erection and after sometimes I feel burning sensation also. Pain occur whenever a pressure on penis by any movement. Almost after 20-25 days no frequent urine, no pain, no burning but within the last 15 days 5-7 times there was a clear sticky discharge during /after passing stools or after urination and from last 3 days again I feel pain in penis similarly as stated above.
am 30yr and have no sex. a not masturbation from feb-2017

(TLC:10200|Serum Uric Acid:6.05mg/dl) [Urine Examination-Protein:Abs|Sugar:Abs|Ketone:Abs|Bile Salt: Abs|Bile Pigments: Abs| Urboilinogen(1:20 dilution):Abs] [Urine Microscopic-Epithelial cell:Abs|Pus cells:Abs|RBCs: Abs|Cast: Abs| Crystal:Abs|Others:Abs] [TSH, Serum: 10.43] Ultrasound of Abdomen is normal.
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