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UTI or anxiety?

I posted about this earlier but I'm just so stressed. For the last week I've been having urine problems. I've been having to go more often then usual, and it has been bothering me a lot. Every 2 hours I sold have to go, which was unusual for me. I would go like 10 times a day which is double what I would usually go. It didn't burn then. Recently I've been going a little more now and it burns after I go, and now beginning last night I've been having to go every hour. It's 11 in the morning and I've already gone 4 times and I can't handle it. I'll go and then 10 minutes later I'll feel like I have to go again, but I'm going in bigger amounts and it's not burning. My pelvis area feels uncomfortable a lot, it feels like here are air bubbles in it. Idk i don't know if his is anxiety because this has been the only thing on my mind every since this has started and it's all I can think about throughout the day. I'm worried that this could be something like cancer or a UTI. I'm 15 and a male. I hope it's not something like diabetes. I don't know what this is, any suggestions on what it can be?
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We're not doctors.  If you need a doctor, go see one.
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