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UTI test shows WBC but no nitrates.

Approx two months ago I was diagnosed with Trich and M. Hominis. I was put on antibiotics and some of the symptoms persisted so I went back to the gyno and she gave me another dose of medicine to take all at once and the symptoms went away.  Since then, I've been checking my PH levels and they are always normal.  I used the monistat test that checks for yeast,  BV,  and Trich.  The test always yield normal.  Well,  for about a week I developed this dull ache in my lower abdomen and  when researching the symptom was similar to a uti. I had a uti I before and would always get an ache in my lower back not in my lower abdomen which made me think that maybe trich is back,  but each time I checked my ph it was normal.  I then decided to do a home uti I test and it shown that I had a WBC in urine and no nitrates. From research, Nitrates is a bacterial infection. I have tested negative for chlamydia and Gonnerrhea. Being that I have a WBC in urine meaning an infection in the body or urinary tract could this be a sign of Trich? I took AZO cranberry tablets and the symptoms are now gone so this morning I decided do another strip and it is faint purple
. What could this be?
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