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UTI won't cure

I been having a uti for a while now like months. And it does not want to go away. I get on antibiotics, then I feel better but it seems it doesn't go away completely and it comes back, I start feeling kidney pain thrn it goes away with antibiotics,  then comes back. Im not sure if is thr same bacteria that is not fully killed or have different bacterias im just very overwhelming and starting to get depressed.  So far I had two ultrasound my kidneys look fine no stones. And had a urine sample and is nothing abnormal. 3days ago I went back to the doctors because my antibiotics im taking now I don't feel is working correctly.  So I ask for a urine culture to see if is resistance to the antibiotics. . Now im waiting.  Im just depressed.  Is been  ehile it seems this infection doesnt want to go away. On my urine test it shows my infection.  Blood n white cells on my urine. Please what can I do. Anyone experience this? Is there a redimedies herbal. ?? Help
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It is particularly important to review risk factors for complicated recurrent  UTIs which do not respond to antibiotics. You are still experiencing symptoms of urinary tract infection so it is best to get a urine culture done. It will show if there is any bacterial growth and sensitivity of those bacteria to an antibiotic. If the symptoms are persistent you may need to be investigated and tests like blood sugar, blood urea nitrogen, serum creatinine, creatinine clearance, serum electrolytes, urine concentration and ultrasound KUB may provide more information. I hope it helps. This is merely an advice and not a substitute of clinical examination. Consult your attending doctor. Take care!
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Look up congested pelvic too. Have you had children?
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