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My husband keeps on getting UTI infection every now an then.  My husband and myself had got this infection once in 2009 Nov.  Now we have this problem every now and then.  Is there a permament remedy for this.   Please help.
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Unfortunately no. People who have UTI's, generally have them recurring periodically throughout their lives. There are steps to take to ensure that you are preventing them. Drink plenty of fluids, not holding your urine too long cranberry juice, and vitamin c supplements have been known to help. The more water you drink, the more it helps to flush out your urinary tract.
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Recurrent urine infections could be due to various reasons. Most common cause is stones in kidney which is blocking urine pathway. Other causes are changing sexual partners frequently, pregnancy, diabetes and of course childhood infections. The urine can also be due to retention of urine anywhere in its flow due to obstruction.

Your husband needs a complete physical examination and investigations like complete urine examination, urine culture, swab specimen from the genitalia and ultrasound lower abdomen to find out the cause. Please consult a urologist for that.

I hope it helps. Take care and regards
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