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Urge/Frequency to urinate after UTI

I'm 23, last month I had a UTI. It was the first UTI I have ever experienced, and it started the day after my period ended. It was a Thursday night when an urge to urinate started and by the next morning I had very visible blood in my urine. I went to a walk in clinic and did a urine test, it showed that I had the UTI. I was put on 3 days of Bactrim. It seemed to work great and the next day all of my symptoms were gone. But then two days after finishing the antibiotics, the symptoms came back and I had abdominal pain and kidney pain. I went back to the walk in clinic and was put on Macrobid for five days. After five days however, none of my symptoms seemed to be gone. I went to immediate care and they gave me another five days of Macrobid. I finally started feeling better by the 7th day on Macrobid.

I took about two weeks to get rid of the UTI, and then I felt fine for about another two weeks. Then, the day after my period ended again I once again had the constant urge to urinate. I thought maybe it was another UTI or my previous UTI still hadn't been completely gone. When I went to the walk in clinic to get my urine tested again, it came up clean. The culture results I got a few days later were also fine. I was told that if the urge didn't go away, that I should make an appointment with a urologist.

However, I am on my dads insurance. If he doesn't go to work at least one day out of the week, then I am not insured for that week. He was recently injured outside of work and is unable to go to work, which means I'm not insured right now and I definitely can't afford to go on my own.

From all of the stuff I've read online about other causes of the frequent urination (IC, Kidney Stones, etc), I can't seem to find anything that sounds like my issue. I don't have any pain or itching, literally just the urge to urinate.

When I went into immediate care, they did a full pelvic exam and I was tested for STI's, yeast infections, etc. All tests were negative and I have not had intercourse since a couple of weeks before my UTI.

I'm super frustrated. I'm not in pain or anything, it's just very uncomfortable to feel like I have to pee constantly. Is there anything I can try at home right now? I literally have no way I can go to the doctor right now.
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This is a Prolapse Forum but I am happy to talk to you about my experience regarding urine infection whether it was painful or not.  PM me if you wish to talk more
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Did your symptoms ever go away?if so how long? I am going through a similar situation? Thank you.
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