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What causes symptoms of UTI and acid reflux without having either?

I'm a young woman of normal weight living in Ireland. Went to US for holiday a year and a half ago and while I was there I got sick twice after eating in a restaurant. Ever since, after eating out in particular, or after eating fatty foods, I get regurgitation i.e. undigested food coming up my throat. I did a barium test and the consultant thinks I don't have acid reflux (GERD). I did an allergy test and nothing showed up. The past few months I've also been getting pains in my lower abdomen, especially before (but not during or after) urinating. It can be on the left or the right, sort of sharpish. The doctor pressed my stomach etc. and thought I had a bladder infection, but nothing showed up in the two tests for this. The blood test did show that while everything else normal e.g. thyroid, iron, I have elevated neutrophils (white blood cells) which might mean an infection. The urine test also showed that there was blood in my urine both times. So, are these conditions connected? Anyone else have similar problems?
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Hello, noone ever answered but just in case anyone has the same problem I found out what it was: ovarian cysts, and possible endometriosis. So get an ultrasound!
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