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natural treatment for recurring uti?

As long as I can remember, I've been getting bladder infections. When I was fifteen, soon after I first became sex ually active, I got a very painful infection. Since then, I 've consistently been getting sick with them several times a year. Sometimes hardly noticeable, sometimes cripplingly painful and uncomfortable. They are typical infections with all the usuall symptoms including frequent urge to urinate, painful urination, cloudy, [email protected] urine that contains blood most of the time. Pressure and pain in abdominal area, fatigue, and even faintness finish off the llist.  Up until a year ago I had fairly easy access to medical treatment. I had always either been under my father's insurance. plan or been able to go to a fairly low-cost clinic in my town. Since then I have moved around a lot. I live with my fiance who works as a cross country trucker. A few months ago I got another severe infection. We were able to get medication that his aunt had left over. Last month I got another one. Five weeks after getting sick, we stopped at a hospital in Phoenix. We let them know that we were low income (btw I have no insurance) and they said they would see what they could do. Four hours, an unnecessary urine test and a perscription of antibiotics later, we owe them almost four thousand dollars. And the infection did not go away even after a full course of medication. I can't afford this problem. I have. I have not been able to find anything in books or on the internet on how to treat UTIs with natural remedies and other non-prescription alternatives. Also, I take all the recomended preccautions for preventing bladder infections. This includes liquid inake, cleanliness, and the whole shebang. I even qvoid all foods and drinks which are known to irritate the bladder.
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Pak,  I have recurrent bladder infections also.  I've found this new thing (or new to me,  anyway) called Cystex and it's sold at Walgreens and I think CVS.  It's a liquid that has cranberry concentrate and other stuff.  I've taken AZO cranberry before and that only helped very mildly.  So far,  Cystex has been great - I've been able to have  sex and not get an infection.  I started out with this after a course of antibiotics that left me still feeling burning in my bladder.  

You are supposed to take one tablespoon of the liquid daily as a preventative,  and two tablespoons if you "have symptoms".  

Cystex also has a tablet that claims to be an antibiotic and pain killer.  I bought that but so far haven't used it.

BTW,  the doctor told me not to avoid things that can cause burning of the bladder - those help create an environment that are hostile to bacteria.

I hope you get some relief.  For awhile I thought what I had was IC but everytime I've been tested,  there are bacteria in there.
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10 months ago I had first urinary infection and have been on antibiodics ever since.. many diff ones and within a week of finishing them the infection wud return.. I am now taking Trimethoprim a low dose one a night which seems to be helping altho I still have a feeling of burning almost like a bit of the urine is going back up when I finish? Waiting to see a specialist now
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Thank you for the replies. I will definitely try Cystex. I drink cranberry juice heavily and I think it helps... but that may simply be a placebo effect kind of thing. In any case, I'm willing to try near anything. Thank you for the well-wishing, Rose. And jen, I hope you can find relief as well. Btw, recently I've been thinking that my recurring utis may be a symptom of a greater underlying problem.  Other,  not entirely unrelated issues have been happening regularly as well. I've been researching, and it is uncommon but not unheard of for utis or uti-like problems to be the result of hard-to-diagnose diseases, especially in women. I 'll post again if I find out more.
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