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pain in ureter

Hi, I'm 24 years old male. 1 week or 10 days ago i started feeling intense pain while finishing urination, i figured out that it was UTI and took ciprofloaxcin for seven days. now i'm ok and not feeling pain anymore but something happened to me after this, from last 2 days i'm feeling a slight pain at left side of my lower abdomenen. this pain is not continuous but occurs several times a day and not hurts a lot but i feel it and it is freaking me out. I feel like it is in my left ureter below belly button.
my urine is ok, no blood in it, no obstruction, no back pain, no nausia, no fever.
i also have history of kidney stones, there were two of them and they passed away from my system after causing a little trouble.
please help me out and tell me a solution for it thanks.
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A clinical examination is necessary for correct diagnosis and treatment of your condition. .Painful urination for men can be due to urinary tract infection, kidney stones or may be the result of prostate disease. Painful urination for both genders may be the result of a sexually transmitted infection (STI), a non-cancerous or cancerous bladder tumor, or the side effect of medications. It is important to see a doctor. A clinical examination and ultrasound scan may be helpful for determining the correct cause. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Take care and regards!

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