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sensitivity during urination and lighly bleeding after wipeing what does that mean???

Yesterday at the end of my urination I have a very sensitivity/uncountable feeling and when I finished urinated I wiped and their was very, very light blood on the tissues. Pleases someone help me what does that mean it started yesterday 12/28/11 at night around 10pm. Does it mean I have an infection I'm clueless and so is my boyfriend..
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This feeling of discomfort and spotting after urination can be due to urinary tract infection, kidney stones or post streptococcal glomerulonephritis. What about your menses? Are your periods due? If you are having missed periods then this spotting can be implantation bleeding an early sign of pregnancy. Drink plenty of water. If the symptoms persist consult a doctor. You will need complete evaluation. Tests like urine analysis, culture may be helpful. Do write to us again.
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Oh gosh I'm goin through exact same symptoms, how did u end this??
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So I have a uit.and I have had them before but nothing this serious. I have recently been having sex. When I pee it feels like a uti and when Im done there will be a couple of drops of blood. Someone ppllleeeaaasssseeee help I'm so scared and I'm probably freaking.myself out more then I should
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