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will it ever stop???

I am a 33 year old female and cannotstand the pain aanymore!  Since as long my mom can remember I have had constant uti's,  bladder infections and the occasional kidney infection. They have never stopped.  I have explained my pain to every doctor I have ever seen, including 4 obgyns while pregnant.  Same result every time...  Antibiotic antibiotic antibiotic. If they do give me relief, the symptoms and pain are back within a few days.  But most of the time I'm suffering before I'm even done with the prescription.  I got sick and tired of it all it didn't seem like anyone listened anyway.  A specialist has never even been mentioned as an option.  Until about 2 months ago it was too server to ignore so I seen a partner to my primary care doctor and just from looking at my urine, glancing at my ua results and a few minutes of talking,  he immediately referred me to a urologist, shocked that I had never been sent to one. Which I had never heard of till then.  I was prescribed yet another antibiotic that gave little relief for a few days but was back with a vengeance before my prescription was even gone. I am still waiting to see the urologist.  My symptoms are very frequent urge to pee and rewarded with drops if any.  I am in constant fear of using the restroom it burns so bad from my bladder straight through my vagina. Lower abdomen pain so severe it makes me cry out in pain and curl in a ball. My last ua was so incredibly painful I barely made it from the office.  I have used otc AZO pills too soften the pain for so long they don't work anymore. With 4 kids I need my body to work,  and bigger picture I need to know if my kids will have to suffer from whatever this is.  I have also always had extreme fatigue,  and get sick very often,  I don't know if that matters or not.  Does anyone have advice,  or please,  what should I prepare and expect from the specialist? From what I have read,  and the Dr. Referring me so fast,  I am so scared... Any clue at all as to what could be going on would be so greatly associated...  I can not take the pain anymore and I have always felt stupid going to the hospital.  Someone help please
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Any update I have the same things?
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