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Frequent Urination

I am a 22-year old male with frequent urination.  I use the restroom 6-10 times per day, always with a moderate or large amount of uine to void.  Before this problem I was urination every 4-6 hours.  There is no burning when I void.  Some days I feel as though I constantly have to urinate.  It is not as bad in the morning or at night.  This problem has been going on for approximately 6 weeks now.  I have been to my GP and a urologist.  My GP put me on 10 days of Cipro, but that did not help.  I have had 3 urine samples, all were negative for infection and blood.  I had blood work done that showed no abnormalities.  I have had my prostate checked and was told the size and shape was fine.  I had a CT scan and there was no sign of kidney stones.  Ialso had an STD test which came back negative.  Some times my let testicle is sore and I have felt the tip of my penis burning once or twice, never while I am urinating.  I would like this problem to go away, and I am starting to think that this problem is caused by anixety.  Could this be prostatitis that needs 6 weeks of antibiotic?  Will this eventually go away on its own since it is already intermittent?  Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.        
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okay, I'm not a doc, but I was wondering if you drink too much? Sometimes it's the obvious. Also, what color is your urine? If it's light-colored even if you didn't drink so much it can be diabetes insipidus.
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