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bladder pressure & possible pinched nerve

I have been experiencing bladder pressure for 4-5 months now, accompanied with extreme low back pain, especially during standing or sitting ,sharp pains in the hips, mostly in the left hip and sharp pains in the left groin area. I have also had pains down the front left leg and back right leg. I have treated for a UTI with two antibiotics and still have the bladder pressure. The pressure/pain happens before urination and especially right after uriation.  I have had a MRI which showed a small paramedian disc protrusion at L2/3, a right asymmetric disc bulge at L3/4, a paramedian disc herniation at L4/5 abutting the right L5 root and bilateral pars defects (Spondylolysis?) at L5 with a mild annular bulge.  I had a pelvic and renal sonogram done and a bladder ultrasound done. Those test revealed ovarian cyst.  In the early stages blood was found in my urine but seems to have cleared up now.  I have had low back pain for many years, although it seems to be getting worse and the pain in my hips and groin area are all new which seems to have started about the same time as the bladder pressure.  The doctors have no answers yet and I realize that I have to go thru a series of tests to possibly find the answers. I was wondering if the back pain and the, what feels like a pinched nerve, and the bladder pressure are related in any way. Also if any of my symptoms sound familar to anyone or if anyone has any answers to my pain and discomfort?  Thank You.

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I have Spondylosthesis 4 over 5.  Chiropractor says she can't fix it but she is adjusting me twice a week.  Below pains not fixed but other things were with adjustments.....clogged ears open for first time in a year.
Fatigue almost gone.  The day she adjusts me hip fine for sleeping that night.
My problems.
Hip pain....piriformis muscle pain.  I faithfully do the stretches daily.
bladder pain but mostly pressure.  No UTI
anxiety another symptom.  
CT scan and sonogram negative.
I think Painful Bladder syndrome.  all the symptoms fit.
My GP now sending me for Upper GI test and bladder Cystoscopy.
Great!  Just saw her today.   Was hoping second UTI urine analysis would be positive but I guess now.
Nobody ansered my post about bladder pain.  Hope they answer yours.
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