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uterine ovary pain and kidney pain

i have pain in my uterus, bladder and ovary. My uterus sometimes feels hot.Started getting stabbing pains in uterus and twisted feeling in ovary. Started bleeding, mid cycle, period not due. Passed a little round pea size thing, red, one side looked a bit fibrous. The pain is in my groin. Goes down one leg, and up my side (the side of the ovary pain).
i have pain in lower and upper back either side of spine, which goes around the front of my ribs. i am passing urine very frequently, then going again several minutes later. But no urine infection. i have constipation. My BM is sometimes half and half, part very dark, part very light.
i have pain in upper abdomen above belly button, and in left rib (middle) at front and back.
Also have some problems with breathlessness. Sometimes have pulsating (visible on skin surface) upper abdomen between ribs (front). Eyes watering regularily, head pain sometimes on top, other times on right side and back of head.head feels like it has pressure inside, sometimes feels hot (inside).  Any ideas?
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