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18 years old with E.D.

I'm an 18 year old male and I've always found my penis to be weird...I just knew from an early age. My erection length is normal.

But I notice then even at my most excited, my penis points down and doesn't go "up" all the way. Not only does it curve downward, it sort of seems "lazy" as well, as it doesn't point straight out but just sort of hangs...

It's firm, but not rock hard, even right before orgasm. The head gets big and the part of the shaft just under that gets plenty firm, but I notice that even at full erection i can FOLD my penis in the middle of the shaft..as if I was only partly erect.

Now, let me just say I don't think it's Peyrone's disease or anything because it doesn't get rock hard, like I said, and it isn't painful- I can even straighten out my erection without pain to make it look straight. And the deviation, from what I've seen, is nowhere near the same...like I said, it's curved but it also sort of hangs low at the base, almost like a long and firm flaccid penis.

But this made me think the other day- perhaps there's something physically wrong with my penis? I have no problem getting an erection, but could it be that something inside is physically preventing the blood from completely filling the chambers to maximum firmness? Could this account for the "hanging," the thinness and the extreme flexibility of my erection?

I have orgasms just fine but I'm worried that I may not be reaching my potential for my partners...or even my own sexual feeling and pleasure. Has anyone ever heard of a penis physically not being able to fill with blood do to some kind of blockage or complication within the chambers???

So until then, I figured I'd try to ask the experts on here...I've NEVER heard or seen a penis that's flexible at full erection...or one that sort of hangs like mine.
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PLease refer your question to the Urology Forum. J. Kyle Mathews, MD
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