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29 yr old female recurring severe lower abdominal pain

Hi, I hope you can answer.  I am very worried about my girlfriend, in fact I have been worried for quite some time.  She is 29,  has a history of two C-sections and then her tubes were tied in a later procedure.   She is actually about 200 pounds overweight (morbidly obese) but for what it is, she carries it well and has ambition to lose weight.

Here is the problem.  She keeps on having this recurring pain in her lower abdomen, ranging from annoying to beyond severe (rocking around and literally screaming in pain).   This might start suddenly or relatively suddenly , last for hours or a few days,  waxing and waning, before finally just going away again for days, weeks, or maybe months.  

She seems to think it's "where her ovaries are" but I don't know...she says lower abdomen or maybe more on the left side sometimes.  

The big problem is, she lost her medical insurance (her old gyno told her once she had ovarian cysts) but  I'm wondering if it's something else...I hate making assumptions.

I know she should see a doctor, but it's hard getting motivated when it keeps going away but coming back,  one big thing to note is that in the ER one night when she was in very severe pain, she did have an abdominal and pelvic CT which was normal, which gave us a big sense of relief.

Can you jsut tell me how common something like this is,  what are the possibilities,  and COULD THIS BE LIFE THREATENING?
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It is difficulty to determine without work up.  It is good that her CT was negative.  I would suggest she see a gynecologist at the local medical school clinic or public health department.  J. Kyle Mathews, MD
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