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Abdominal and back pain?

Complete hystorectomy 3 years ago from reoccurring precancer cells on cervix endometrousis ovarian cycst and constant bleeding.After SX I got IBS vomiting always reoccuring kidney infections w/stones extreme back pain and abdom.I had a very minor slip and fall at work 8/30/05. MRI on 10/3/05 brief discribe and explained to me by unhelpful workers comp DR. to me showed T1-T12 chronic appereance compression deformities superior and inferior endplates T1-T7 w/10% loss T8-T12 w/15% and a normal kyphosis curve of thoracic. No stenosis and normal lordic curve L5-S1 3.5mm broadbased posterior annular bulge with effacement of theca, and mild one in l4-5 extra film were taken of sacrum no mass is indentified? Now I just turn 30, pain has been increasing found 2 lumps 1 right butt cheek & Left Breast I have raynauds symptoms my ribs fell like there breaking away weight loss 60+ lbs. Curious paid cash visit for referral Im able to get free scans at hubbys work except PT. Bonescan osteiopenia tscore femur -1.7 and the rest -2.4 Mri T12 hemangioma, prevertabral enhancing softtissue in lft periaortic space into left superior medial perniephric, ehancing multilobulated intramusclar mass isointense signal T1 and heterogeneous and mixed signal T2 post contrast was diffuse thickening bladder wall reccomends fullbody PT. Is this of any urgencies needing immediate attention or  just due to past female problems SX falling and can wait til I go back to work & reinstate my medical insurance? Should I be concerned,Wrk comp Dr says fine other than pain I fell fine?  
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Recurrent kidney infections usually require a workup to look for stones, and/or abnormal kidney and/or bladder anatomy. This is probably best done by a urologist specializing in female problems. The back pain may be related to trigger points in the back, abdominal, and/or pelvic florr muscles. This is probably best evaluated by a physician specializing in musculoskeletal problems (This is usually a physiatrist, not to be confused with psychiatrist - who specializes in mental illness). You will be in a better position to know what to expect after evaluation by both specialists.
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