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Abnormal Cysto

Help!  Was diagnosed with I.C. 30 years ago.  I’m a 56 year old female.  Have had microscopic Hematuria, pressure &  burning intermittent throughout the years.  2.5 years ago had gross Hematuria and had CT immediately after and a cysto 1 month later.  Both were normal.   Had not had any gross Hematuria since just  micro Hematuria when symptoms bad.   Had some burning over the weekend and then gross Hematuria on Monday.   Put on Cipro and bleeding stopped by afternoon.   Sent urine for culture but not back yet.   Had cysto today and it showed red inflammation . Report states:  Erythematous mucosa. posterior wall and trigone No tumors. No stones.     urinalysis today was normal. Dr said To be on the safe side will biopsy areas next week.   Should I be concerned about cancer or will cystitis or I.C. cause that?  Thanks!
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