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Bladder & Kidney Pain

03/29 I had a full abd hysterectomy. Immediately had pelvic pain, swelling, retention, frequency (30-40 voids per 24hrs) My Gyn did not send me to a UroGyn until June

I have questions about communicating with my doctor.
I am going back to the originally referred UroGyn that I should not have left in the first place, but did because I had been without sleep and in pain for so long that I was really emotional and irrational. I dont know that I communicated well at all and relied too much on my spouse to be my advocate when he was not really prepared to be. I was prescribed no medication at all and I left the office crying (so embarrassing) because I was given a pelvic floor therapy schedule, and instruction on bladder training. I didnt understand that medication was not going to solve my problems. Also that he would re-eval after week 3.
I found out through my experience with a gen urologist that it did the opposite. I was retaining & didnt tollerate the meds,. Except for the Baclofen, which means I can sleep 5 hrs a night. I  have a great PT. Also a Pn Mgt Dr that is doing sympathetic blocks & no pills ;)  
I need to go back to the orig UroGyn, because I think he can help me manage this issue now that I am not the complete mess I was, though still not myself.
1.Tubular ectasia is indicated in my IVP in a kidney I have had stones from 2+ times a year, is that something he would handle?
2. I need to be able to speak to him about some of my history that may be a partial cause of my pelvic pain. I dont want to talk to him as you would a psychologist (I have that covered) but rather the actual physical ramifications of my previous experiences. How is it best to approach that subject without consuming an inordinate amount of time?

I had no Idea the, but looking back I know that lack of sleep and chronic pain together are truly devastating to you and your family. I am doing my best to manage.

Generally any advise you can give would be appreciated
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A urologist will most likely manage your kidney issues.  Regarding your history, I would suggest you speak with him or his nurse about these issues.  Pelvic pain is a common complaint and I would expect him to be well versed in this issue.
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