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Bladder/ urinary tract infections

Beginning four years ago, my Mother,age 76, developed urinary tract/BLADDER infections,causing her much pain and sickness. At first she was having it two or three times a year..which has now progressed to most the time now. She is being
treated by an urologist and has seen gastrologists. She has been tested for
many things during this time. The results of tests show she has a bladder,in
poor condition, inflamation in the tracts from her kidneys to the bladder..
Her body produces ecoli bacteria, for which she is taking rocephin injections
for 10 days, then takes antiboditics orally..until it gets bad again, then
back to rocephin injections. Concerned about her qualitiy of life, as well
as how long this may be effective...I would like to find a "cure" for this ?
She will not travel far. DO you have anyone you could reccommend  
near Northeast North Carolina? Do you have an opinion on what could
be done to help her?  I will appreciate your advice.                    
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I know of people at Duke University in NC, and also UNC chapel Hill. Look for the dept of OB/Gyn, division of urogynecology at either of those places. Ask to be seen by a Urogynecologist there.

For recurrent UTI there should be a workup to look for kidney/bladder stones, or problems with bladder emptying (also called urinary retention). If those workups are negative, look for evidence of fistulas (abnormal connections between urinary system and vagina, or bowels- these would be possible if she had radiation therapy or prior surgery in the area). If the entire workup is negative for anomalies, then many providers will start her on a 3-6 month course of a daily antibiotic, after treating and clearing the current infection. After 3-6 months of chronic therapy, they would stop the antibiotic, and see if the infection stays away.

E. Coli is a bacteria that grows in the GI tract of most humans. Sometimes it can also colonize the vagina and lead to UTI. so your mom is not unisual in that she has E. Coli in her GI tract. If UTI is untreated, it can sometimes track up to the kidney causing pyelonephritis, which can also be life threatening. So, they need to be treated.
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