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Bladder Sling/Mesh problem

In 2012 I had a vaginal hysterectomy & bladder repair done by my OBGYN.  I had a sling inserted for my prolapsed bladder. Two weeks later I was back in surgery because it was too tight. A few weeks later I had some spotting of blood due to Granulation & was back in the Dr's office for that. Everything was fine until a week ago, I started spotting again. At my last appointment I was told that some of the mesh is exposed, Is this what is causing my spotting?
Will this mean future surgery and is this a  common problem after Bladder sling surgery ?  
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First of all it is advised to see a Urogyecologist for prolapse rather than an OBGYN.  I would get a second opinion from a Urogyne espcially as you have had more than one complication.  You can of course see your original Dr for advise as well since they performed the operation and have a duty of care. Exposed of mesh is usually trimmed but you need to find out more from a Urogyne or your original OBGYN.  

In addition to this.  Do you know if the top of your vagina was suspended when your uterus was removed?  Without suspension you may run the risk of having further prolapses in the future.  I recommend you get your operation notes to find out exactly what was done during your surgery and to help with any further assessment in future with other Drs you may choose to consult with.  Try not to worry.  Get as much clarification as possible as to what was done during your operation, what it causing your symptoms at the moment and what remedy is offered, and then you can have a second opinion with a Urogynecologist if possible with all your information to be sure and happy with any decision you make.  If you are in the US, it is usually recommended you see a Fellowship trained Urogyne.

I am sorry you are having complications with your surgery and hope you are able to get this remedied soon.  
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Thank you for all this info to orange lady, as I'm scheduled for similar surgery, and have been at a loss to formulate questions to my doctor that touch on vaginal suspension, and more info on the sling for my stress incontinence.
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I will PM you
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I've had my mesh perferate my vagina, it was removed by my gyn. Shortly after was still have horrible pain finally convinced him to doa total hhysterectomy. Now I'm having severe urinary incontinence. So much so I really can't go out in public. Its embrassimg uncomfortable as I get so sore no matter how much I change pads. Looking for Ureogyn but not getting any help from my gun as I have a pending law suit against J/J. I don't know where to turn as I live very far from any medical facilities. Haven't been able to have sex for approximately 3 years due to pain from scar tissuse.
Any one else in the this same situation ?
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I am glad you are looking for a Urogyne as these are prolapse experts.  
Sorry you are having so much trouble with your vaginal tissue and also with urine incontinence.
Did you have the top of your vagina suspended when you had your hysterectomy?  Do you have your operation notes?
It is difficult to know why exactly you are having urinary incontinence.  Do you feel you have a further prolapse?  Can you tolerate anything in your vagina?  If you can then you could try a pessary as some of them help to alleviate urinary incontinence.
Let us know how you get on and I wish you luck and speed in getting to see a Urogyne
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Thank you for your reply . I don't think they suspended my vagina. I've had a pessary but had to have it removed before just. As it was causing pain and I could not remove it to clean it. I did find a ureo gyn. Have to drive 4 hours to get there. But have been told they were the best. Its in a hospital that speacalizes in just women and any problems you may have not just gyn  but a board spectrum .my appointment is in Feb so will post update at that time.
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Really glad you have a Urogyne appt.
Not all pessaries are left in.  I have one I take out at night.  I wonder why you are getting pain with it.  If you want to try another type of pessary look at all the ones on the market and take it to your appt.
Have you had womens Physio?  
I wish you luck with your appt and yes, please let us know how you get on.  Get all your questions ready so you dont forget anything you want to ask about at your appt.
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