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Bladder Spasm (Severe Pain) and leg numbness

I'm a 42 year old female. Hysterectomy (everything removed), appendectomy some 10 years ago without HRT. Over the last 14 months I have had two episodes of extreme bladder spasm (last about a week of intense pain) followed by numbness and tingling on the lower extremities (saddle area through parts of the inner legs and big toes -bilateral) which takes weeks to go away. I had a full work up -MRI, blood work, spinal tap (only showed identical oligoclonal banding -which is indicative of some type of systemic inflammation). I have been evaluated for autoimmune as well. NOTHING!. I've been to neurology, urology (dx of irritable bladder), and GYN (thinks adhesion in abdomen from multiple abdominal surgeries).  However, no one has figured out this particular condition of extreme bladder spasm followed by numbness and tingling bilaterally in the legs. This is my frustration. This time around, I went to the ER for the pain and they prescribed pain killers. They didn't run any tests other than blood work and decided not to do a scan because of all of the work the year prior and wanted me to follow-up with GYN. I appreciate the pain killer -but I want to know WHY this is happening. The last round of experts didn't help. I have some scar tissue on the S1 nerve root from back surgery -also about 10 year ago -but the MRI didn't show anything that would explain what is happening. It is incredibly unnerving to loose sensation in your lower extremities following a week of extreme lower pelvic pain -with no answers. Does anyone out there have any ideas?  
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Just to let you know this is a prolapse forum.... I see you had a hysterectomy... did you have the top of your vagina supported?  Do you have any bulges vaginally, do you leak urine?  or have any other symptoms re prolapse?  I wonder if you have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.  Is your PF tight and spasmy?  You do have a number of different health issues to consider but as you are now with no answers I wouldnt rule anything out.  
If you have any prolapse issues then see a Urogynecologist as they are prolapse specialists.  Are you spasmy vaginally at all and what kind of sensation do you have vulvally?  Any pain at all?  Do you get any constipation?
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Thanks for the response! I just went to the GYN this morning and after examination he thinks I have pudendal neuralgia. On physical exam, he was able to reproduce the symptoms -horrifyingly so. I'll be going to a specialist in this problem in a few weeks.
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Great to see you are making progress.  I wish you luck for your next appt with a specialist regarding PN.
Please let us know how you get on
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