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Bladder urgency/leakage

Hi there, I am a 29yr old girl and I have been suffering from the following problems:

* Sudden urge to urinate after I get up after sitting down.
* Not urinating first thing in the morning - up to several hours after getting up.
* Wetting myself
* Recurrent bladder infections - have not been given any antibiotics for them.
* Inability to hold urine in
* Inability to stop urinating myself when starting

Ultrasound of kidneys done in 2011 was normal. I don't know what else to do.

Thanks for any help.
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I am sorry to hear you are having so many problems with your bladder.
Just to let you know, this is a prolapse forum and not a Urology forum but I think it may be a good idea to ask you if you are at all worried about a possible prolapse issue and if you have seen a Urologist at all?

You mention that you have had recurrent bladder infections but not been given any antibiotics.  Why is this?  Has your GP tested your urine at all?  

From personal experience it sounds like you may have a urine infection to me, although it would be good to rule out any other issue as you have retention of urine in the morning.  

I have Follicular Cystiitis and have also been diagnosed with IC although I am now having success with long term antibiotics and Hipprex.  Follicular Cystitis is an infection that has not been treated for long enough with antibiotics in the past or maybe not the correct antibiotic.. and the infection then sits in the bladder wall.  It is said to be rare but more and more people, and Drs are starting to see urine infections in a different light.  

Are you able to have intercourse or is this too painful?  Is your urethra painful?  Have you been checked to make sure you dont have prolapse?

Post onto the Urology forum as well and get back to us to let us know if you have seen a urologist and how you are getting on.  
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Thanks for getting back to me.

I am worried about a prolapse issue since I have constipation from my hypothyroidism and strain a lot on the toilet. I am worried that part of my uterus may have fallen through due to constant straining but I can't be sure if it has fallen through as I don't know what my vagina is meant to look like. Sorry if that sounds ignorant but I have not been sexually active hence why I am not sure if my uterus has fallen through but an ultrasound on my uterus was normal so I can only assume that it is normal.

I have been referred to a urodynamic studies department but my doctor was wavering between referring me to a urodynamic department and a urologist. I am hoping she will refer me to a urologist once everything from the urodynamics department has been done.

No, the GP did not give me antibiotics in the past because she suggested I simply drink water to flush out the bacteria. This was even when I had a confirmed dipstick test for leukocytes. I have sent a fresh sample to my GP and it has come back with leukocytes again and proteinuria.

Sorry, no, I do not have intercourse as I am not sexually active but I do get some pain when masturbating (sorry if too graphic) and on a period. I don't know where my urethra is as I only thought I am able to view my external sexual organs from where I can see. Is the urethra external for women?

I have not been checked for a prolapse, no. I have not had any internal investigations - primarily because I am not sexually active and secondly because something happened to me years ago that has put me off internal investigations.
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I am sorry you are still having problems.  
Your urethra is the smallest hole underneath and towards the front.  If you have an infection in your bladder you may also have an inflamed urethra which will cause pain when masturbating also.  
How very disappointing that you have not been given treatment even though your urine samples had leukocytes and protein as well.  

You can do an internal vaginal exam yourself if this is not too painful and also look up positioning of pelvic organs, however, you may need to have an exam by a Urogyne and/or Urologist so this could be a good time to consider how you are going to handle this.  Is there anyone you trust to go with you to the next appt?  
Obviously you dont need an internal to have your urine looked at though as you already know.  

It is very important that you stop any straining to go to the toilet and you can get miralax from your GP to help with this.  I also have low thyroid and on top of that I have several prolapses and an intussuscepted bowel which I feel may not have happened if I had had help with my constipation many years ago.  You can take Miralax daily ( I do and many other prolapse ladie take this as well ).  This together with good evacuation techniques and possibly suppositories should sort out any constipation issues you have.  No straining is OK and you could also consider doing proper kegel exercises.  A womens physio can show you how to do these properly.

let us know how you get on
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I see you are in the UK.  Marilax is called Laxido over here and there are a few names that are for the same laxative.
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