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Blood in Urine


I have noticed over the last 2 weeks that my urgency to pee has grown. I am going to the bathroom approximately every 2 hours, sometimes less. My doctors are investigating whether or not I have another cyst on my ovary. I have also noticed just within the last 2 days that the middle part of my back on the right side has been experiencing a little bit of pain. I finally went to the doctor today and when they checked my urine, they did notice blood in my urine. I am currently on the contraceptive pill and am on my 5th day of the pill. The last time I checked my temperature it was 37.5. I also went for an ultrasound today and during the ultrasound when the technician was looking at my right kidney (which is where it hurts) she asked me if I had gone for blood tests or a urine sample. Do you have any idea what I might be experiencing? I always thought that if a kidney infection or any other such infection was present, there would be a high fever. Could I have kidney stones? If you could give me your thoughts on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

(I am also waking up at least twice sometimes during the night to go to the bathroom)

thank you,

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If the urine cultures are negative, get evaluated for pelvic muscle trigger ponts, and if they are present, get them released. Locate a qualified pelvic floor physical therapists who can examine you and see if you have a pelvic muscle problem.

Dr. Hoyte
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Have them send out a urine culture for the bacteria ureaplasma. I went through all of the same things, and this was FINALLY found. Just an idea!! Good luck!
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