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Blood in abdomen

I am a 36 y/o female dx with pituitary tumor, polycystic ovaries, osteopenia @25 years of age, Behcets disease and rheumatoid arthritis.  I have recently had bilateral ulnar nerve transpositions for immediate loss of function L and gradual on R.  Systemic demyelination discovered during surgery (leading to identification of multiple vitamin deficiencies).  
Recent trip to ER for severe RLQ pain.  Several sub centimeter lymph nodes in RLQ, phleoboliths but no answer for pain.  2 days later OB found free fluid in abdomen and thought to be from ruptured cyst (just diagnosed with PCOD).  Pain persistent for 3 weeks, repeat US shows no blood around ovary. Now having pain in right shoulder, dizziness & SOB.  PCP thinks from inflammation of lining of liver and gave medrol dosepack (today).  I am at a loss as to where to go from here.  My medical hx is complex and I am mostly referred from one doc to another.  Have friends that are PA's and am wondering if you think it is possible this could be sx of a gastrinoma.
All of my medical problems started with my stomach. I have chronic N/V and had a gastroparesis study done but it found hyperparesis.  I have had an elevated chromogranin but I dont believe it was followed up.  My friend is concerned that the bleeding could be from an errant gastrinoma that has been mistaken for a lymph node. I did have a CBC drawn a few day ago and other than a borderline elevated WBC it was normal.  I have plenty of pain medicine from my surgery but it does nothing for the pain.  Yesterday I was so dizzy I nearly passed out and fell onto my recently operated on arm.  any thoughts?  I dont know if my next apt should be with my gastro, my endo, back to my PCP or to the ER.  I can not stand up straight due to pain and walking aggravates it severely.
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