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Blood when I wipe

Hi Doctor,

Recently, I noticed when I wipe after urinating I see a small streak of blood on the tissue. Its hardly noticeable but it is there. I already had my period on Feb 16th and this time it unusually continued for around 9 days. I usually get normal to heavy bleeding for the first five days and after that it usually is very light. And by the 7th day, I hardly have anything but this time it continued till the 9th day.  And after a couple of days after my period, I have noticed this small streak of blood after urinating.

Also..just to give you a background... I have always had regular periods. And from October onwards, I went on a calorie shifting diet (which means I eat less carbs and more protein and eat at regular intervals and try not snacking in between). I lost about 20 pounds from the duration - October to February. I used to be 153.8 lbs and now I am 133.4 pounds. My height is 5' 2". In January, I also had some renovations around the house which caused a lot of anxiety and my period which should have come on Jan 24th...came on Jan 20th. In February, I had the flu accompanied by high fever... for which I took several OTC medications (mainly Delsym for my cough and Advil for the fever).  I got my period this time on Feb 16th (4 days earlier from the last month). This period lasted about 9 days which is totally unusual. And abt 8 days later I got a bad cold and also seem to be seeing the small streak of blood when I wipe. It does not happen all the time though but it is freaking me out.

Thanks in advance.

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