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Bowel prolapse?

Hi there
I went to my gynaecologist because I had a bulging feeling in my vagina just above the opening.  It started very suddenly after straining with constipation.  Sometimes it felt worse than others.  It was worse just after I had emptied my bowels and I found myself putting supporting pressure on the vagina when having a bowel movement.

After a couple of weeks I noticed a constant feeling of pressure in my rectum, although the intensity varied.  The rectum feels full even after a bowel movement and it is uncomfortable, especially when I am sitting down.  

The bulge in my vagina is hardly noticeable now, but I still have the other symptoms six weeks on.  

My gynaecologist examined my vagina internally and found nothing.  I had blood tests and scans which revealed nothing unusual except that I have a tilted uterus and a couple of fibroids – nothing to worry about he said.  He says it could be a bowel prolapse, when I described my symptoms again, and has referred me on.

I would like to know if this is possible, given my symptoms.  Would I get a bulge in my vagina if I had a bowel prolapse?  Is there anything else it could be?

I would be grateful for any comments.
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The symptoms you describe are consistent with Prolapse.  This may involve the bladder or cystocele, rectum or rectocele, small bowel or enterocele, and/or the uterus or top of the vagina.  These are easily evaluated on exam when having a patient strain or push down in her pelvis during the exam.  You might consider getting a second opinion from a Urogynecologist.  
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