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Can urine come through incision?

I ended up with a stitch through my bladder following a sling procedure. To remove it, the original incision on my lower abdomen was reopened. The stitch was located, clipped from the bladder through a cystoscope, and pulled out through the incision. The incision was sutured. The stitches were removed a few hours later due to a hematoma. The wound was left open and I have been packing it twice daily for two weeks. Now that it has begun healing, the packing has blood tinged spots but also has yellowish spots. This isn't like the normal byproduct of healing nor is it pasty like infection. It smells a bit like urine.
Has anyone ever had surgery involving the bladder after which there urine began leaking from where it shouldn't or is this not possible?  I don't want to go running to the doctor with this if it is not possible or no one has ever heard of it. Please share your experiences with me. Thanks!
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Sorry to read of your problem.  However, I would suggest you see your doctor for evaluation.  It is possible that what you are seeing could be urine.  You can also take over the counter AZO Standard which will turn your urine orange.  Then look to see if any of the packing is stained orange.  J. Kyle Mathews, MD
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Awesome. Thank you very much. You not only answered my question but the AZO will give my doc additional info right away.  Thanks!

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