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Child with abdominal distention and thickening of bladder wall.

My 7 year old son recently (2 months ago) was stepped on the stomach by his younger brother. A couple of weeks later we noticed that he stomach seemed to be protruding. He began to have strong pain around his belly button and then get a severe headache in/around his eye (I also have migraines). We have taken him to have blood and urine analysis as well as two ultrasounds. His WBC was normal (6.7) and neut (21.0) lympho(77.8) and mixed(1.2). His fasting sugar level was 3.9. Urine analysis showed no bacteria and the ultrasound did not show abnormalities of the organs.
The ultrasound did show that there was thickening of the bladder wall, but with no bacteria present in his urine the doctors have decided to not do anything.  
My concern is centered more around the distention of his stomach and his complaint of his right side hurting only after walking a few hundred yards. Yet, as soon has he stops walking, the pain goes away. He does have bowel movements regularly. His energy level also seems to be depleted from before. He will participate in physical play, but takes rest breaks more often. Also, we are living outside of the US and good/qualified medical care is not immediately available.

Also, he says there is no pain to press on his stomach nor when he urinates.  He has also began to urinate in his sleep which is very abnormal for him.

Thank you in advance for conversing about this matter.

Already Tried:
Most all information was included in the original form. The abdominal migraines (self diagnosed at this point) are being treated with children's ibuprofen or 1 cyprohepadine 4mg tablet at onset of head pain.
We were also instructed to give him Vermox for parasites (which he was not tested for) and have not seen the symptoms dissipate after 1.5 weeks.
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