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Complications from Cystoscope?

I had a cystoscope 12 days ago after referral by my OBGYN for possible urethral cyst or diverticulum and ongoing microscopic blood in my urine. A MRI was performed after televisit with a urologist at a Cancer Center. A pelvic MRI with and without contrast was performed indicating no cancer, diverticulum, or cyst. I was referred back to a urologist ,that I had an upcoming appointment with, who examined me and did not feel a cyst or diverticulum either. He performed a cystoscope. It was rough and he had to stretch my urethra to fit the scope in. It was very painful. Nothing abnormal was found. I have had 2 cystoscopes in the past that never felt like that.I had some bleeding after, even when not urinating. Now it has been 12 days and I am still having light bleeding on toilet paper after urinating. I called the urologist office on Friday morning and again this morning,Monday, and left a message. No one has gotten back to me. Could this still be complications from the cystoscope or does the continued bleeding indicate something more sinister? I'm so frustrated and worried. I am a 52 year old female.
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