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Constant pain in my urinary/reproductive areas?

For years now I've had a pulsing and stabbing pain, almost like an intense cramp, in the urinary and reproductive areas. My vaginal opening and urethra pulsing and sting, and I get stabbing pains in what I think would be my ovaries (right above my hips but low in the abdomen?) Penetration hurts but it isn't impossible for me, but afterwards I have the cramps all over again. I can't find a doctor who could understand why I was having this pain all the time.
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Ultimately you need to get a medical diagnosis.. maybe consider a Urogynecologist to begin with as they do gyne and prolapses.  
I suspect you have pelvic floor dysfunction and my have a hypertonic PF causing cramping.  This means your PF is not strong and you may need to see a womans physio to have an assessment and help with relaxing as well as strengthening your PF.

If you have stabbing pains when urinating you may wish to have a urine test to check for a UTI as well and consider pudendal nerve issues.  Sometimes UTIs that get left undetected can stimulate the mast cells which send out constant pain messages to the nerves which cramps up the PF and causes related pain in a wider area including the pudendal nerve, although you can get the same pain without a UTI which is related to pudendal nerve issues only.  

Ask your Dr for an appt to see a specialist explaining your symptoms and how they affect you.  If they are not helpful then ask for a referral anyway as you need to find out what is causing your pain.

Hope this helps
Good luck and let us know how you get on
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You may have a painful condition called pudendal neuralgia & endometriosis which can take quite a few years to diagnose. Wishing you the best & I hate that you have to endure this.
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