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Cyst and Kidney Stones

CT Results are as follows:  1) Probable bilateral developing staghorn renal calculi, slightly more prominetntly on the right than the left but witout evidence for obstructive uropathy on the current study. 2) Probable benign simple renal cortical cyst, midpole left kidney medially measuring no greater than 8.0 mm and is considered an incidental finding. 3) No additional significant CT abdomen abnormality. 4) Large 4.3 x 4.0 cm low density right posterolateral adnexal mass most likely represents a benign follicular cyst;  follow-up characterization with sonography versus follow-up sonogram in 4-6 weeks to ensure resolution may be of benefit for further evaluation if felt to be clinically indicated. 5) Increased thickness of the endometrum measuring 16.0 mm, most likely which is physiologic in nature ( she did start her period 3 days later) follow-up characterization with ultrasound may be of benefit if felt to be clinically indicated. 6) No additional significant CT pelvic abnormality; specifically, no evidence for appendicitis.  She is 15 yrs. old.  Do you agree that waiting is ok?  Or should she be seen by a gynocologist sooner than 3 months?  
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The reason for the CT? i.e., why was it done? bleeding? Pain? urinary frequency? frequent UTI?
Thickened endometrium us usually not a problem in young, ovulating women, and is probably OK to wait for the repeat ultrasound scan. Thickened endometrium would be a problem in a postmenopausal woman. The adnexal cyst would likely be an ovarian cyst resulting from the development of an egg on that ovary, also normal, as long as it remains under 5 centimeters in size. (Over 5cm and they are at risk for twisting on themselves and causing pain). The renal calculii (kidney stones) may be an issue of she is having recurrent uti. A urologist may be able to break up the stones if they are large enough.

Dr. Hoyte
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The reason she had the CT was because of pain in her right side.  She had blood in her urine but it cleared up after taking antibiotics.  First she had pain and they took a urine sample, she had blood in her urine and was placed on an antibiotic.  She continued to have pain so they did a urine culture, but no blood or bacteria was found.  They repeated the culture again and it came back clean a second time.  So the doctor ordered the CT.
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