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Cytology, Non-Gyn Test Results

Hello,  Should I be concernd with this Urine Test Result?

Path Report. final diagnosis:

NO MALIGNANT CELLS are Identified, Squamous and urothelial cells and red blood cells. Predominantly
suamous cells with few urothelial cells.

Also Report Comments say:

There are atypacal squamous cells suggestive of squamous dysplasia. Clinical correlation is suggested. Recommend gynecologic screening.  
I will see my Urologist this Monday.  I think he is going to pick and poke around with more test's , He has done
all ct's and bladder test's twice before, and nothing there! We agree that my Menopause for the past five year's is
a BIG FACTOR in my Cronic UTI's which are controled by Plocb. pill every night. Lupus, DDD in back, Fybro,RA
No Period's for over 5 year's now. Hot Flashes are still an issue. Just to give you Big Picture in small way.

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Sorry to read of your problem. I would follow your urologist recommendations.  He or she can make recommendation on evaluation, treatment, and follow up regarding the findings of possible squamous dysphasia.  J. Kyle Mathews, MD
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