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Discharge - normal?

Thank you for your great service. I've read some articles and answers and it helped me a lot.
Now, before I tell my story, I have a short question:
Is a clear discharge in the morning normal? I can easily milk a clear drop, each morning - or, after I've had an erection, the tip is slimy and I sometimes find spots on my boxers. It's one of the things, that you never check or mind for years. And now, after an urethritis - every little thing counts...
I've had an urethritis, some time ago. It was treated first, without testing/identifying the germ. It went away after a few days of a fluorchinolin. I have an idea on the cause - stupid, unprotected oral sex - and it was around 4 weeks prior to the first symptoms.
Now, some swabs and urine samples later, all that has been found were normal germs, enterococcus, and such. They shouldn't be there, of course, but I've read, they can often be a secondary infection. Gonorrhea and chlamydia were tested via PCR (the later from a sperm sample). Both negative.
So, my first (or second) and foremost question is, can I trust these results? I've read very often, that chlamydia hide very well, even from modern diagnosis methods.
Or can one of those germs (neither gon., nor chlam, but enteroc.) have such a long incubation time (assuming it was the same date, 4 weeks earlier - anal sex was also included).
I want to make sure, not to run around for years with some unknown germ, passing it around.
And last question - there is this horror scenario, which I found here and there, of people like me, having had some unprotected sex, running to the doctors, always having some weak symptoms, but there is never a clear identification of the source. And then, much later, they find gonorrhea. Are there some novel types that cause less/weaker symptoms and are more difficult to be found, even with PCR and similar methods?

Thanks in advance!
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