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Does this sound like endo?

17 years old, had period for 5 years with not problems/bad period pains.
3 weeks agos, there was slight pain in my uterus when having sex (previously no problems during sex).
the next time I had sex (1 wk later, with the same person of course), extremely painful - nearly fainted after and felt very nauseas. my pelvic region and lower back were also very sore afterwards. (even the next day). Pain to open bowels for the rest of that day and 2 days after.
I noticed I have been urinating more, however I have also been drinking a lot more water so that could be why.
I have had slight constipation a few days after the painful sexual intercourse but not so much now.
Don't usually have PMS but had a lot this period.
It is very painful to insert tampon, (same as pain during/after). This also makes it painful to pass bowels.

All of these symptoms have come in the last 3/4 weeks and have never experienced them before.
I researched my symptoms and I found that they were simliar to endometriosis... could I have it? Help me!
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Endometriosis would be unlikely.  A ovarian cyst or infection would be more likely.  If your symptoms presist you should see your doctor.  Thank you for you question. Dr. Mathews
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