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Frequent urination and pain after holding in urine.

I am a busy busy mom of two. I work at a busy job where I am by myself and constantly busy. I nearly always have to hold in my urine for a little while before I get the chance to go to the restroom. Recently i have had a harder time holding it. Which i have no doubt is from all the years of me holding it. Today however, i had to hold it for quite a long time, probably way longer than I should have. Now i feel like i have a full bladder every ten minutes or so, but when i get to the bathroom i just void a small amount, and it is painful. I dont know if it is something like a weakened muscle that will slowly heal itself, or a UTI, or if i could be something worse Ive done. I do not have insurance or much extra money to go to a dr or clinic, but I will if i need to. I was just hoping to get an opinion before going if it may not be necessary. Any professional opinions would be greatly appriciated.
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I would suggest you see someone to rule out an infection.  You can go to the drug store and purchase AZO Urinary Tract Infection Test Strips if you want to test yourself.  J. Kyle Mathews, MD
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