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HELP! Frequent urination

Hi, a few weeks ago, sex started to hurt and I began to have cramps on my pelvic area, I waited for it to go away on its own but it didnt, it actually got worse and I started getting the sensation that I had to pee all the time, even after I just finished doing it, I went to the gynecologist and she found a vaginal bacteria called ureaplasma so I had to take antibiotics but the symptoms didn't go away so I got tested again, urine and discharge tests were both clear, they also did an ultrasound and everything looked ok but after some days I still feel a little pressure on my pelvic area and the feeling of wanting to pee never goes away :( i don't know what to do! Im just a student and I've spent so much money that I dont want to go again so they tell me again its "all fine"

I had the bacteria for a long time though, so I was thinking it could maybe be that the bacteria is gone but I have still inflamation on my pelvic area,is this possible or has anyone had a similar experience?
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