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HELP! Fullness in Pelvis/Pb muscle!!!

WARNING: Somewhat explicit content!
So I've been having this really uncomfortable pressure in my bladder/abdominal region for a couple days now (since saturday night). This has happened to me a couple months ago, and sometimes when I have really intense orgasms (when I end up straining or contracting my pb muscle to achieve them, but the pressure goes away the next day and isn't as bad as it is now). There is also an increased urge to urinate, and it feels as if I'm not fully emptying my bladder. I have been constipated since friday, and perhaps this might have something to do with my discomfort and tingly sensation in my clitoris. This happened after I masturbated (only through clitoral stimulation). Yes I am a female. I know it is not a UTI because there is no burning or anything. I am only 19 so I'm sure its not a cyst or anything. Please let me know what this could be, and when or if it will go away on its own. I really am beginning to get worried! THANKS!

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From your description it sounds like you may be experiencing some pelvic floor muscle spasms.  However, I would suggest you see your gynecologist to make sure something else in not going on.  
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