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Has any one had proiblems mesh? Thanks

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Complications associated with the placement of vaginal mesh are well know and the discussion of those risk are part of the informed consent.  Depending on what mesh is used, absorbable or non absorbable,  and where and how the mesh is placed, anterior vaginal wall ( under the bladder), posterior vaginal wall (over the rectum), place abdominally or vaginally, will affect the complication rate.  

In general, patients and doctors are worried about infection, mesh exposure, mesh erosion, and pain associated with the use of mesh.  

Infection is generally rare but serious if occurs.  The mesh must be removed if infection occurs.  

Mesh exposure is where the mesh is visible usually in the vagina and is often a minor complication that can be handled in an office setting.  Treatment with topical estrogen and trimming of the exposed mesh often is all that is necessary.  

Mesh erosion implies that the mesh has eroded into or through an area.  This can be serious depending on what is involved in the erosion.  Often these need to be surgically removed.  

It should be noted that many times mesh exposure and erosion are used interchangeably.

Pain associated with mesh placement does occur, primarily pain with intercourse, and my require treatment.    

The internet is a poor source for statistics regarding mesh complications and the medical literature is complex.  Reports of Erosion vary from a low of less than 1% to as high as 25% or more.  Your surgeon should be able to provide you with their own percentages and discuss the pros and cons of mesh use.    
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Oh yes.  Am having tests run at a teaching hospital on Mon and after results are in, the dr said he would talk to me and my husband about our options.  Much of what I am reading is freaking me out (my husband says "stay off the computer").  Thanks
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If you don't mind what options are the doctors giving you? What was the original surgery? Thanks. Val
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My doctor has suggested a robotic hysteroctomy, burch and para vaginal repair possible rectopexy, perineoplasty, perineopexy, anterior repair. I have grade 3 cystocle and grade 3 rectocele with mild uterine prolaspe, I also have a fibroid the size of a large nectarine pit that is growing. I am 52.
Can a rectopexy be performed without mesh? We are meeting with her again in two weeks to finalize an go over procedures. Thanks so much.
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Just a comment here, but I have had 2 operations after my hyst in August 2009. You might be sure to check with your surgeon to have him or her do the best to keep your pelvic floor up for good. I am 57 years old and have had 5 kids. Four months after my hyst, that was vaginally by the way, my bladder fell because he had  taken my cervix and uterus, and nothing was there to hold it up. It was repaired and my vaginal vault collapsed and then with a rectocele as well. I have so much pain again in lower back when walking now. I am waiting to see what for sure the doc wants to do, I have a new gyn who will probably use mesh. I just want it up for good. Be sure you have it taken care of as permantly as possible so you will not have to go back to surgery the second time!
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