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Help! Bladder symptoms

57 year old female.  Hx of IC for 25 years that  with burning, frequency and microscopic blood in urine at age 32 Treated for UTI’s but negative cultures. Saw urologist. Did Cysto and found IC (bleeding areas when bladder extended).  Symptoms much better after distension.  On and off through the years symptoms would return. Had microscopic blood at times.  Had a few UTI’s as well.  In 2017  had some frequency and pressure for a few weeks and then episode of gross hematuria. Put on Cipro. Symptoms cleared right up. Culture was not done. Saw urologist. Cysto and CT w/o contrast done.  Negative.  Over the 2.5 years had irritative symptoms on and off with microscopic blood. Cultures negative. Urologist said IC.  5 months ago had a couple days of slight burning then episode of gross hematuria.  Put on Cipro but culture came back negative. Urologist did Cysto and took biopies of red areas in bladder—showed inflammation.  Since then have had 3 episodes of terrible burning and frequency.  Had 2 negative cultures but many WBC and RBC’s. Finally did a cathed sample and came back e-Coli over 100,000. Put on Cipro and symptoms disappeared but have returned 2 more times since. Both times testing positive for e-Coli.  Had KUB (negative) and kidney ultrasound ( negative but a cyst on both kidneys Dr says no concern).  Urine is clear now except the Trace/small blood on dipstick.  I check it daily at home. (Maybe a little excessive haha). Am trying D-mannose and cranberry pills as a preventative. If returns will do macrobid as a preventative.   I am always afraid it’s cancer. Since I have had all these tests as well as am testing positive for an infection, would you consider that ruled out & I should stop worrying?  Any other advise or help.  
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I am sorry you have been dealing with this for so long! I don't have much to offer regarding treatment of the infection. I assume you are aware that certain foods can exacerbate IC.
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